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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

web hostingFor those new to the World Wide Web, once you have a chosen a domain name and a concept for your website you must have Web Hosting. Basically Web Hosting is an Internet Hosting Service that allows the website access to the web. We here at Rochester Web Pages, can provide affordable and reliable web hosting for any type of website that you have. Whether you have a Web Page, Information Site or an E Commerce site, we have exactly what you need and at an affordable price.

Once you are ready to start having your website on the web, there are two different Operating Systems to choose from, Windows and Linux. These two are the most popular operating systems available in webs hosting. Windows Hosting is places on a server that uses the Windows Operating Systems. Windows can accommodate ASP, ASP.NET and MSSQL, PHP and MySQL and much more. Linux Server is made up of a LAMP platform; this includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Rochester Web Pages can offer you many different Web Hosting Packages; here are just a few of what we can bring to you.

Shared Web Hosting

When you choose Shared Hosting, your website is placed on a server with several other websites. It is kept in it own section of the server and kept separate. Shared Hosting can be very cost affordable since your site is shared with other websites.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting is when a website leases or rents an entire server for themselves, there are no other websites on this hosting plan. Dedicated Hosting can be more flexible since owners have more control over the server itself. If you have a larger website like an E Commerce site a dedicated server may be the logical choice.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS

VPS is also known as a Virtual Dedicated or VDS is a preferred hosting choice for websites that are small to medium sized businesses. These hosting plans can help bring a similar service like the Dedicated Hosting in which the server hosts only your website. The VPS were designed to help give customers a way to save money without losing any of the high performance of the server.

Choosing a hosting plan is not an easy choice but we here at Rochester Web Pages can provide the right information as well as the perfect hosting plan for you and your website. Contact us today for more information. 

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