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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Marketing in Rochester NY & beyond is the best way to get your company name out there and being a website company is no marketing With paper mail slowly becoming a thing of the past, more and more companies are looking toward Email Marketing. Not only will your site be able to get the marketing and exposure that it needs but you can increase your returns with our simple marketing solution. You may be surprised to see how many sites and e commerce sites are already utilizing the Email Marketing solution.

You will be able too...

  • Track how many people received your email
  • how many people owned the email
  • if they clicked on any links in the email

Why Choose Email Marketing?

By using Email Marketing you can now send email messages to your clientele for the purpose of thanking them for their business, you can enhance the customer to business relationship with current and former customers.

You can include multi media content and information within the email to inform your customers of special sales, additional inventory and weekly sales.

By using this system, you will able to build long-term relationships with your customer base as well as build a larger customer base. With the data that you collect you can use the information to better understand the mind of your customer and what they may like to see.

You can personalize every message that you send out, this helps create a bond between you and the customer and it shows that you took the time to communicate with them.

By using our Email Marketing System you will get faster and more responses through email than you ever would through paper mail or even direct mailing.

Some of the other benefits of using Email Marketing is you can better track your ROI or Return on Investment when you have a company who takes your business seriously. With Rochester Web Pages Email Marketing, you can reach more people via email than through direct mailing and paper mail put together. Reason being that more than half of the people using the Internet check their email through the computer and smart phones more often than ever before.

If you are looking to increase your online sales and track your investments better, contact us and we will help you choose the package that right for you.

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